is a studio for interior design, construction and art.
based in berlin, germany

 We design and build custom furniture, unique room concepts and art installations.


We are Anna Wolff and Jan Tiemann. 

Jan is a trained carpenter and interior & furniture designer, while Anna studied fine arts. 

Jan has an immense love and passion for wood. His vast knowledge of the material and his wide experience working with it shapes his designs and his way of constructing and building.

Anna’s intuitive sense for shapes and colors combined with extreme patience and attention to detail finds expression in her often colorful and meticulous work.

We’ve known each other since teenagehood and been going on life’s adventures together ever since.
We’ve been discussing and supporting each other‘s projects for years. In 2018 we started fusing our skills in joint interior design projects.

For our common mission as a creative duo we founded in the middle of something. 


We live and work in Berlin, Germany.

We also like to travel : )
If you live anywhere else – don’t worry! Please contact us to see if a collaboration can be arranged.


We are two friendly individuals who work together in a close collaboration. As a duo we provide you with the full service of designing and planning your project to the smallest detail and oversee the construction until its final realisation.

We come to your house, we drink coffee with you, we play with your kids or pets - we get to know you and you get to know us, so our project can develop on a fundament of common trust.
We want to really understand your ideas, wishes, needs and dreams. We bring all of our imagination, creativity, passion, knowledge and experience to the table and do everything to make them come true.


Our furniture is built by hand – with precision, passion, patience, love and appreciation of the material.

We like to work with wood, but often use materials that are non-conventional in furniture production.

We love to combine the wood with colour and other materials, like for example natural stone, terrazzo, concrete, brass, copper, artisan tiles.

contact us

Write us an email and let us know a little bit about your project! If you have any question – ask away!

You can write us in English or in German.

We will call you to have a first conversation about your project and the way we work and we can schedule a first appointment.


Photos of sth002, sth004, sth007, sth010, st011 by Daniel Weigel.

All displayed projects were designed and built by itmos.

Website built with cargo.


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Jan Tiemann & Anna Wolff
Kienitzer Str. 109
12049 Berlin



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